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Vodafone Pay As You Go Plans

Vodafone offers two different PAYG plans and a few "packs" that give you lower rates for buying a bundle of texts or minutes.

The two plans are Smartplus and Smartstep.  Smartplus is the default plan and gives you great rates on off-peak airtime (nights and weekends).  If you talk a lot during the weekdays you will want to switch to Smartplus which gives you good rates all day long.  These plans will get expensive if you call other mobile networks frequently.  Currently, for every TopUp of at least 15, you will get an additional 10% free credit.  Here is a comparison of the two plans:

Call type

Peak / Offpeak

All day

Calls to landlines, Vodafone mobiles, and voicemail (per minute)

30p / 5p

30p for first 3 mins each day,
5p/min thereafter

To other mobiles/ min

35p / 35p


Text message


12p for first 3/day
9p each thereafter

Picture message



Video message



Data usage per MB



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If you use more than 100 minutes per month and want good rates regardless of which network you call, you should get one of the "Voice Packs".  For 15 you get 100 anytime minutes and for 25 you get 200 minutes.

There are also Text Packs. Choose 70 texts for 5, 200 texts for 10, or 500 texts for 15.  That's only 3p per text.

To use "packs" you have to be subscribed to the Smartplus plan.  You topup credit as usual and then send a special text message to buy a pack.  Pack credit is valid for 30 days after purchase.

Another great option with the Smartplus plan is that you can add "Vodafone Stop the Clock" for free.  With this feature, you can talk for up to 60 minutes for the price of just 3 minutes.  This applies to any night or weekend call to any standard landline or mobile UK number.  Nights are 7:30 PM to 7:30 AM.