mobile phone plans

T-mobile Pay As You Go Plans

T-Mobile rates get lower, the more you talk.  If your monthly airtime costs are lower than 10, you pay 30p per minute.  For 10 to 20 you pay 20p per minute.  20 to 40 is 10p per minute. Over 40 is 5p per minute.

These are excellent rates considering that prices are the same regardless of which network you call.  Other networks charge 20 to 40p for all out of network calls.

Another great advantage is the Mates Rates offer.  Calls to other  T-mobile numbers are always 5p per min regardless of usage and texts to T-mobile numbers are always 5p.  Texts to other UK networks are 10p.  All picture messages are 20p.

Text messages to other UK networks are 10p. International texts are 20p.  Picture messages are 20p.