prepaid cell phones

Pay & Talk Plans from Telus Mobility

Telus offers 3 plans in which the per minute rate becomes lower for larger value top-ups.  The per minute rate for each plan is the same anytime.

Top Up Value: $50 $25 $10
Included Minutes: 200 75 25
Per Minute Rate: 25 33 40
Valid for: 60 days 60 days 30 days

If you top up before your balance reaches zero, you will keep the lower of the calling rates.  That is, if you top up $50 and then top up $10 later, the $10 top up will be charged at the 25 rate, not 40.

Text Messages: 15 per message to Canada or US phones. 20 to other countries. Receiving messages is free.  $10/month for unlimited messaging.  Sending texts while roaming in the US is not charged extra.